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We welcome the support of anyone who wishes to contribute to Our common cause. Every donation, no matter how small or large, is invaluable to Us. We guarantee that all Your funds will be used exclusively for the Good cause, not for personal gain. We often show Charity ourselves when we give freely.

Our resources are constantly in need of updating, as We are constantly learning, acquiring new materials, paying rent and various subscriptions, expensive tools and equipment. The support of each of You is vital to Us.

If You want to invest in the development of Humanity, the World, Health and universal Happiness, then Your help is exactly what We need. We are fully dedicated to serving Life, filling Our World with creation, harmony and humanity.

Out of love for the World and for Life, we gratefully accept Your help. In return, You receive not only Our Gratitude, but also the Highest Energies of Virtue and Mercy. After all, sharing what you have with those who need it is Noble and Good.

By donating, You get a chance to improve Your Spiritual Qualities and Personal Level of Development through an act of Virtue. This is not just help to Our project, but also a High-vibrational Energetic exchange that has a Beneficial effect on all participants.

Thank you!

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